The Four Levels of Hospice Care

Beta Hospice provides four levels of Hospice Care, tailored to suit the needs and comforts of the patient and their families. The services we provide can either be at the comfort of the beneficiary's home or a suitable facility.

After close consultation with healthcare professionals and the family members concerned, we can start any of the following Hospice Care levels.

1. Routine Care

In cases where a patient is assigned routine care, the registered health professionals of Beta Hospice, along with other team members (such as volunteers and social workers), make regular visits to check on them and help with pain and symptom management. Besides home visits, caregivers and patients can get in touch with our nurses assigned to them via phone as the need arises. Moreover, our certified team members will stay for extended periods, including overnight, should at any time the need arise.

Under routine care, our healthcare professionals usually visit patients anywhere between two to six times a week. However, depending on the patient's condition, that can be adjusted to provide optimal care and assistance. 

Continuous Care

Sometimes the health condition of the patient can deteriorate to the extent that routine care is considered insufficient. In such cases, the Beta Hospice Team consults competent health professionals and upon their recommendation and advice, assigns a nurse or caregiver to continuously remain with the patient. Depending on the condition of the patient, our healthcare professional may remain at the bedside round the clock anywhere between eight to twenty-four hours a day.

Once the condition of the patient improves, he or she may return to a more relaxed routine care schedule.

Respite Care

Taking care of a loved one with terminal illness can be hectic. Respite care is designed to allow family members and caregivers to get some break (up to 5 days) from their daily caregiving duties so they can relax or not miss out on any important family functions or travel plans. During the occasional respite care, the patient is usually transported to a hospice center or a well-equipped nursing home where the professional team of Beta Hospice will cater to all their needs. At the end of the agreed upon period, the patient will be transported back home where the family members or the caregiver will continue the usual treatment. 

General Inpatient Care

Sometimes the patient may develop serious conditions that need special treatment and care which cannot be provided in a home setting. In such cases, Beta Hospice provides Inpatient Care (IP) at a a specialized hospice facility or a nursing home. During the duration of the IP, the patient will be taken care of 24*7 by a qualified nurse and medical professional. 

This type of care usually occurs as the patient nears the end of their lives. However, in cases where the patient shows signs of recovery and is out of danger, he or she can return to continue the remainder of the hospice care at the comfort of their home.

Not sure which level of care best suits you? Contact us and our certified team of professionals will help you chose make a decision.